Bio construction

We build and rehabilitate efficient and healthy homes, in harmony with the environment. With a team of experts in sustainable construction, we work on individual and multi-home projects, adapted to your needs.

We preserve and take advantage of natural resources, minimizing the environmental impact. Our efficient approach reduces energy, water and waste management consumption. In addition, we use non-toxic materials and promote natural lighting and ventilation. We create healthy spaces, free of contaminants, with optimal air quality. Trust our team to materialize your project in a personalized and high-quality way. 


We specialize in proposals that combine different ecological applications to integrate your home into its environment in a natural and sustainable way.

We offer energy systems based on renewable energies and an efficiency plan for the air conditioning and lighting of your home. In addition, we give you advice on natural pools, where the water is purified naturally with plants and soil. Regarding the architectural and interior design of your home, we study and propose eco-design elements, using recycled or natural materials.

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We transform your home into a natural, sustainable and healthy environment so that you can enjoy the perfect combination between your creativity, your desires and the possibilities of the project. Lean on our team to materialize your project in a personalized and high-quality way. Together, we will build a conscious and respectful future with nature.

Tell us your ideas/project so we can advise you without obligation.