Casa Asha

The house was designed taking into account bioclimatic strategies that allow passive design to its maximum extent and taking advantage of natural resources to achieve comfort and well-being in the house.

It is a house design on one floor, which works with different types of land, both flat and with a certain inclination. It can be easily adapted to unevenness or to different orientations, views and environments where we are.

Asha int render

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Energy efficiency

It has generous openings towards the surrounding nature, taking advantage of the south orientation to allow natural lighting.

Also, solar protections to the west maximizing the contribution of the sun and avoiding overheating thanks to natural ventilation to achieve environmentally friendly energy efficiency.

Adding cross ventilation that allows air circulation, maintaining spaces with good air quality, reducing humidity, saving energy, improving thermal and acoustic comfort.

Asha2 render

Distribution and characteristics

» House area: 107.25 m2
» Bedroom with en-suite bathroom: 10.80 m2
» Bedrooms: 9.90m2
» Bathrooms: 3
» Living room-kitchen-dining room: 42.00m2
» Terrace : 53.00m2
» Service spaces: 3.40m2

asha plano

Asha dorm render