The CUBE house has a particularly "Mediterranean" design with its exterior finishes, large windows to let the wind travel through the house, connection with an opening between the floors and continuity with the terrace that has solar protection with deciduous plants.

Defining the house with 170m2

The house is distributed over two floors. On the ground floor there is a living-dining room, kitchen, storage room, a bathroom, library and 2 bedrooms. On the 1st floor there are 2 bedrooms, an office and 2 bathrooms. The connection with the main room (suite) has another hallway with a library.

The houses are designed with criteria of bioclimatic architecture, taking advantage of natural resources to provide comfort, energy efficiency, respectful of the environment and people's health.
The openings and enclosures with the warmth of wood are dimensioned according to geographical orientation to allow ventilation and natural lighting and adequate solar protection for each space.

Adequate insulation is especially taken into account, both in the envelope and in openings, to provide thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as significant energy savings. Efficient air conditioning installations are planned, integrating renewable energies. Toilets and taps that allow savings in water and energy consumption.
Rainwater collection tanks are integrated using it in irrigation and organic waste composters for garden/orchard fertilizer.

Features of the house:

» House area: between 80m2 and 230m2

» Parking space: 30m2

» Bedrooms: 1, 2, 3 or 4 rooms

» Bathrooms: 3