Ecological Rehabilitations

Renovated homes with exclusive designs, natural and healthy materials, which will provide you with savings on your monthly expenses and will contribute to improving the effects that climate change is having on the planet. 

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Home, sweet home.
Get the house of your dreams: design + health + energy efficiency

It is the place where we live and share moments with family, friends or ourselves where the experience of inhabiting the spaces becomes very relevant. That is why we consider it vital to create good environments with appropriate systems using materials free of toxic emissions or radiation.

To transform your house into a sustainable home, it is essential to replace materials that are harmful to health with healthy ones. Likewise, re-design and rehabilitate prioritizing energy efficiency, which you will notice at the end of the month in your utility bills with lower consumption. 

Are you thinking about improving the spaces in your house or buying one to renovate? Explain your wishes and needs to us, we will take care of the rest!

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EcoLAB Cannova, we specialize inecological renovations of homes (flats, houses) and premises with a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency and health. The materials and systems that we use and propose follow these values and are, at the same time, of high quality and beauty.

In addition to advising you, we take care of - if necessary - finding the apartment/house/premises to renovate it to your liking, transforming it into a sustainable, efficient one with comfortable and pleasant environments with natural colors and finishes.

Example of ecological reform program

» Optimization of thermal insulation (walls – windows – doors).
» Optimization of acoustic insulation.
» Installation of new windows/doors based on thermal insulation and entry of natural light.
» Installation of efficient and functional kitchens.
» Redesign and improvement of the distribution of spaces to achieve maximum use of natural light and greater functionality.
» High-quality and certified electrical and plumbing installations.
» Use of natural finishes on walls, floors, walls, windows, doors, etc. With materials such as cork, bamboo, wood, ceramics, Tadelakt or cal.
» Installation of underfloor heating for improve thermal comfort (heat/cool the space).